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Introducing Zujo

We believe that the relationship between the learner and an educator plays a significant role in the trajectory of a learner’s academic performance and social development.

Zujo, a unique social media platform for students and educators, has been built to connect students and educators with interactive, engaging, and immersive learning videos and courses that can help them to focus on learning.

Learn at the same cost of burning fuel, and we burn a lot.

Zujo enables one subscription for everything. It doesn't matter if you want to learn cooking or rocket science, everything has a single subscription charge.

We are on edge of streaming.

Our cutting edge streaming technology consumes very less data, less energy than all other platforms.

Personalizing education by live videos and one-to-one video calls.

Zujo Personalize Subscription enables personal coaching, study planning, expert guidance, and many more...

Ready to learn?

Download the app and enjoy seamless learning.

Our Mission

We want to make education accessible in every corner of the world.

Want to be creative educator or artist at Zujo?

Share your knowledge worldwide.

Reach to the millions.

Zujo - Learn everyday and everywhere

Your companion for learning.

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